Donations are given on every pair sold for Baanchang Elephant sanctuary in Thailand.


At present we aim to donate 5% of order values each month (ex. VAT and ex. postage costs) for all non-discounted orders. Currently this is approx. 50p per pair sold via the website. For marketplace orders the same 5% is targetted (ex.VAT and ex. postage / marketplace fees).

Our aim by the summer of 2020 is to be able to increase the level we can donate to 10% if possible (approx. £1 a pair for non-discounted orders)  - if sales grow through the spring and summer of 2020 like they did during our 1st summer this year, then the volumes should allow us to hit that target - but we will keep customers up to date as we see how much sales grow and the cost savings this can bring become clearer.