For 2023 and 2024 we will be making donations to a new Elephant conservation Charity - full details to be announced in summer of 2023... watch this space and our social media accounts for details.

Now that the currency (GBP £) has regained much of it's value v the $ (with which we buy fabric, production and transport to the UK), the postal strikes have stopped (temporarily at least), and the need to discount more heavily has passed, we can revert to donating 35p a pair / per item for all non-discounted / refunded sales made on the website. Due to the higher fees charged for selling on eTsy, we donate 15p a pair per pair / per item for all non-discounted / refunded sales made via eTsy. Due to the even higher fees charged for selling on Amazon (and requirement to main equal pricing on Amazon) we are unable currently to make a per unit donation for Amazon sales (of which there are now less and less anyway as we move away from this channel.)

To date we have donated circa £12,000 to Elephant Conversation projects.

From July 2020 to July 2022 we donated to the Born Free Amboseli National Park Elephant research project via the Born Free Foundation -

From July 2020 - June 2021 we donated £4,944.99

From July 2021 - June 2022 we donated £5,340.64 (subject to confirmation of final accounts for June 22 year end figure).

Bohotusk's donation to Born Free were ring fenced so that 100% goes direct to the chosen project at Amboseli and not towards Born Free's running costs

Below is the 1st certifcate we received from Born Free acknowledging donations during their financial year 2020/21.


June 2022 figure subject to change once the year end accounts have been signed off.
From 1st July 2022 a number of factors have dramatically effected our product cost and delivery costs - as noted below.
- The £ to $ currency exchange has falled in during 2022 from $1.32 per £ to close to $1 per £1 - we buy all our fabric, production and shipping from Thailand to UK and USA in $ and those have seen a signifcant increase in landed cost price per item.
- The ongoing Royal Mail strikes have created several additional costs and issues. Namely a) A large % of parcels are having to be sent via Royal Mail 1st class (24) rather than 2nd class (48) to try and negate delays caused by the strikes action. So rather ironcially we are paying up to 25 - 30% more to the Royal Mail for a worse service b) Delays and misplaced parcels have meant an increase in replacement goods or full refunds (under normal circumstances that level is zero to negligible) and c) Lost orders as customers decide not to purchase online for fear of delays, lost orders.
- In addition it is envisaged that more discounts and sales will be required in coming months to clear stock / maintain sales due to the above RM issues and general economic restrictions.
These financial changes along with the challenges & costs of currently partnering Royal Mail will materially effect our product margin, and therefore from 1st July 2022 we will change the target donation per full price (non-sale) items as below. As soon as the exchange rates and RM strikes & service return to normal (or indeed we can switch to a more reliable alternative delivery service) we will be able to revert to 30 - 50p per item donation (perhaps in stages as the economic environment gradually improves. Onwards and upwards....
Donation per full price unit for   -    0.15p (Please note this has reverted to 35p from April 2023)
Donation per full price unit for Etsy - 0.05p (Please note this has reverted to12.5p from April 2023)