Maternity Harem Pants

    Bohotusk's Harem Pants Make Great Maternity Trousers!

    We understand that every expectant mother deserves to feel comfortable and stylish throughout her pregnancy. That's why we offer a unique and versatile alternative to traditional maternity trousers – harem pants.

    Harems Are a Great Choice for Pregnant Women

    With their loose and flowy fit, harem maternity pants provide ample room for your growing belly while allowing freedom of movement. Say goodbye to restrictive waistbands and hello to comfort without compromising on style.

    Smocked Elasticated Waists That Grow with Your Bump

    Our harem trousers are thoughtfully designed to accommodate your changing body. The elasticated waistbands and adjustable drawstrings ensure a customizable fit, allowing you to feel comfortable at every stage of your pregnancy. Embrace the relaxed and bohemian vibe with our harem pants for maternity.

    Boho Harem Pants V Maternity Trousers 

    When it comes to harems v maternity trousers, harem pants offer a refreshing and fashionable alternative. While traditional maternity trousers may sometimes lack in style, our collection of harem maternity trousers combines comfort and trendiness effortlessly. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs to choose from, you can showcase your personal style throughout your pregnancy journey.

    How To Select the Correct Size of Harem Pants for Your Pregnancy Journey

    Over the years through our customers feedback we suggest the following rough guide to sizing selection during your pregnancy.
    • 1st trimester – usual size
    • 2nd trimester – add one size (so if normally a S/M select a L/XL for the 2nd trimester)
    • 3rd trimester – add two sizes (so if normally a S/M select a 2XL/3XL for the 2nd trimester)